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Moon Festival Celebration 22-23| 中秋节庆祝 22-23




EML CUP Silicon Valley Chinese Star Contest Flyer


3rd  Annual EML Cup Silicon Valley Chinese Contest 



Organized by

Guy Emanuele Elementary School 


Guy Emanuele Elementary School is going to host the 3rd Annual EML Cup Silicon Valley Chinese Star Contest including painting/drawing and Chinese poetry recitation for TK-6 Students, organized by Guy Emanuele Elementary School of New Haven Unified School District 


  • To provide an opportunity for students to identify beauty from poetry and art
  • To provide an opportunity for students to develop global awareness and apply 21st century skills
  • To provide a platform for students to show their multilingual talents and language proficiency in Chinese and connect students with the culture, literature, and rich history of China


  • The contest will be held at Guy Emanuele Elementary School,100 Decoto Rd, Union City, CA 94587.
  • Participants will be placed in the grade division based on their daytime school grades.
  • There will be one champion, one 2nd and one 3rd place winners for each event per group. Champions, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive trophies, certificates. All the other participants will receive a certificate of participation.
  • The Poetry recitation is divided into “heritage speaker” and “non-heritage speaker” for Mandarin contests. The explanation of “heritage” or “non-heritage” Chinese speakers is determined by the registered Home Language Survey provided by the school district and will be double checked with the school district if the eligibility of a student is questioned.
  • Participants will be required to recite two poems.  One poem is assigned, and the other one is self-selected. 
  • Only on-line registration, no mailing or drop-in registration will be accepted. Fax and Email registrations are considered invalid. Please register online
  • Registration must be received by the deadline, April 8 , 2024. No late registration will be accepted. Please email:  for further questions.
  • Participants will receive confirmation as soon as they complete registration online. We will post the schedule for each contest group at Guy Emanuele Elementary School TWDL Webpage before April 11, 2023.


For registration, please click on the link

Schedule of the contest Day, April 13, 2024






Registration at the gate next to the main office 

8:30 am-9:00 am


Drawing/painting Contest (all language backgrounds)



Chinese (Mandarin Poetry Recitation)

10:05 am-11:30 am


Lunch Break 



Award Ceremony

12:30pm-1:30 pm

Content requirements 

  • Painting/drawing
    • Students bring their own pencils, coloring pens, crayons, erasers, etc. 
    • Paper will be provided
    • Painting/drawing theme:  will be revealed at the contest 


Frequently asked questions

Q: Can parents stay with the students during the contest?

A: No, parents will not be permitted indoors during the contest. Once students sign in, they will be under the supervision of our staff and volunteers. All parents are kindly asked to wait off-campus until the contest concludes. Parents should plan to pick up their child once the contest is over, as indicated in the schedule provided.

Please note the following details:

  • There is a scheduled lunch break before the award ceremony.
  • Parents are required to pick up their child either after the drawing session (at 9:55 AM) or the poetry session (at 11:30 AM) for lunch.
  • Students can have lunch with their parents at the school cafeteria if necessary.
  • Parents should ensure their child returns by 12:30 PM for the award ceremony.

Q: Can students who attend the poetry recitation check in later? 

A: Students attending the drawing contest, or both the drawing and poetry contests, should check in between 8:30-8:55 am on 4/13 at the cafeteria. Upon check-in, students will receive a raffle ticket for the ceremony. Parents who haven’t submitted the photo release form during registration must sign and submit the form at this time. Without parental consent, we will not take or publish the student’s photos on our school or district platforms.

Students solely participating in the poetry contest should check in between 9:30-9:55 am at the same location. They will receive a name tag upon check-in.

Q: Do parents and participants need to show vaccine proof before entering the campus?

A:  No, but parents need to monitor symptoms. Anyone who has symptoms may not come in. 

Q: Do students need to wear masks?  

A: Students don’t have to wear masks. It is a personal preference. 


Q: Is the contest held indoors or outdoors? 

A: Both painting/drawing and poetry recitation contests are held indoors. Our staff/volunteers will walk your child to the designated classroom. 

Q: How many poems should my child recite? 

Each participant will recite two poems, one is designated and the other one is self-selected.  

Resources for your reference: 




Q: What is the time limit for Mandarin Poetry Recitation? 

A: Tk-3rd grade, within 3 minutes ( for two poems) 

      4th-6th grade, within 4 minutes ( for two poems)

Q: What is the time limit for the  painting/drawing contest?

A: 55 minutes. 

Q: Can we bring PPT slides, background music, etc. to the contest? 

A: No, PPT slides and music are not allowed, but students are encouraged to dress up and recite the poem without a paper. Judges will evaluate performance from the following aspects: voice and articulation (tone, rhythm, and intonation), fluency, delivery (expression, voice, and eye contact), evidence of understanding, and physical presence. 

Q: What is the drawing evaluation criteria? 

A:Judges evaluate students’ drawings from the following aspects: creativity and originality, overall design based on the theme, color or image quality, and completeness of the final product.  

Q: When is the award ceremony? 

A: The award ceremony is scheduled for 12:30 on the same day at the school cafeteria. We strongly encourage all participants and parents to attend. Parents are warmly welcomed to accompany their child during the ceremony. The event will conclude with a raffle ticketing activity.