A bold initiative to expand the teaching and learning of world languages and the number of students proficient in more than one language over the next 12 years was launched by State Superintendent Tom Torlakson. 
The Mission of Global California 2030:
Equip students with the world language skills to succeed in the global economy. Fully engage with the diverse mixture of cultures and languages found in California and throughout the world.
Goals of Global California 2030:
-By 2030, half of all K-12 students will participate in programs leading to proficiency in two or more languages, either –through a class, a program or an experience.
-Triple the number of students who receive the State Seal of Biliteracy, nationally recognized for college admissions and career opportunities。
-Quadruple the number of dual immersion programs from 400 in 2017 to 1,600 in 2030. Double the number of bilingual teachers authorized in world language classes from 2017 to 2030.

“ 2030 加州全球化” 是由州教育督导托姆·托拉克森(Tom Torlakson)发起的一项大胆的倡议,旨在在未来12年内扩展世界语言的教学与学习,并增加掌握多种语言的学生人数。
“2030 加州全球化”使命:
– 到2030年,一半的K-12学生将通过课程、项目或体验参与掌握两种或更多语言的计划。
– 获得国家认可的双语印章的学生数量将增加三倍,该印章在大学录取和职业机会中备受认可。
– 将双语沉浸式项目数量从2017年的400个增加到2030年的1,600个。 将从2017年到2030年,获得世界语言课程双语教师授权的数量增加一倍。

New Haven TWDL Master Plan/ 双向双语教育总体计划

The mission of the New Haven Unified School District, a partnership of students, families, staff and our richly diverse community, is to develop and empower EVERY student to be a productive, responsible and successful global citizen by creating an exemplary, inclusive educational system characterized by a safe, caring learning environment and a challenging, comprehensive curriculum that ensures academic proficiency.


New Haven TWDL Master Plan

Program Goals/项目目标

Bilingualism and Biliteracy  培养双语使用和读写能力
Students develop high levels of oral language proficiency and academic literacy in two languages.
Academic Achievement  提高学术成绩
Students achieve academic excellence in all content areas in both languages.
Cross-cultural Competency  增强跨文化交际能力
Students develop positive self-esteem, inter-cultural understanding and an appreciation of diverse traditions and cultures in our society.

Guiding Principals in DLI Education 双语沉浸式教育指导原则

Strand 1 Assessment and Accountability   第一部分:评估和责任
Strand 2 Curriculum  第二部分 : 课程
Strand 3 Instruction  第三部分: 教学
Strand 4 Staff Quality and Professional Development  第四部分:师资和教师专业发展
Strand 5 Program Structure  第五部分:项目结构
Strand 6 Family and Community  第六部分:家庭和社区
Strand 7 Support and Resources  第七部分: 资源和互助

Elizabeth R. Howard, Julie Sugarman, Donna Christian Center for Applied Linguistics