Guy Emanuele, Jr. Mission and Vision 

The mission of the New Haven Unified School District, a partnership of students, families, staff and our richly diverse community, is to develop and empower EVERY student to be a productive, responsible and successful 21st-century citizen by creating an exemplary, inclusive educational system characterized by a safe, caring learning environment and a challenging, comprehensive curriculum that ensures academic proficiency.

The mission of Guy Emanuele Jr. Elementary School, a partnership of students, families, staff and our richly diverse community is to provide a safe and caring environment in which every student is empowered to be a productive responsible and successful 21st century citizen by creating an exemplary educational experience and a challenging comprehensive curriculum with a concentrated focus on literacy, thus promoting life long learning for all students in all areas.

It is the vision of Emanuele School to empower each child to achieve his or her highest potential. Our vision is drawn from our underlying philosophy in the belief that all children can learn, that our teaching is powerful, and that good instructional practices can make a profound difference in the lives of our children.

Our site focus is that Emanuele students will work collaboratively to gain and articulate the comprehension in all content areas through speaking, listening and writing.


New Haven Unified: Vision 2025